Coast High Performance / Custom Performance Racing Engines motor lasted 1200 miles.

Coast High Performance / Custom Performance Racing Engines built, assembled, installed the motor. Coast High Performance / Custom Performance Racing Engines did nothing but blame everything without looking at anything. My tune/transmission/torque converter were blamed.

I had the transmission dyno'd tested, the flex plate inspected (and compared to stock), the tune reviewed by two different tuners (one CHP recommended). I had the oil tested at black labs and they found no fuel in the oil for both the 200 mile break in oil check and then the oil after the failure.

I then installed a stock $600 used 90k motor with all the same parts/tunes that CHP was blaming it on. I have not even changed the oil in the engine when i got it used, i have 15,000+ miles on it now. Ill have that oil tested as well.

BlackStone Lab Oil analysis: Report #1 and Report #2

Tuner break down: Ive reviewed the dyno results and my datalogs from that day and the tuning was set up fairly conservative. During the dyno pull, it was getting peak timing advance of 14.5-degrees and the air/fuel ratio during the pull was .78 to .82 Lambda with 7.99-psi boost. Looking at the light-load datalog, there was no issue with the short-term or long-term fuel trim or the O2 sensors. It was not running rich. Also, its important to note that with Ford OEM electronic fuel injection, if the car was running rich as CHP has suggested, it would have set diagnostic trouble codes such as P0172 and P0175. The system is designed to monitor and adjust the fuel trim. If the fuel trims get too far outside factory spec, it will set codes. In the datalog you sent, the O2 sensors, short-term and long-term fuel trim values look okay.

Transmission Dyno Test Video:

Note from recent Ex-Employee/Owner: 8/30/2020

Hi guys, figured I would chime in having been there to turn CPR into a machine shop and keep the CHP legacy going after Mark gave it to me. In hindsight I should have taken CHP and ran but this gives me a really good opportunity to expose those that **** with me. When I got to CPR, Martins main business was nitrous(the majority was for people to get high) but he called me a couple of times and seemed sincere about turning it into a real machine shop.

I get in, start handling the valve jobs, head surfacing, etc. and customers While Martin handled the engine block machining. Things started well and I brought in my friend and probably the best engine builder CHP had. Then we got more and more people because business kept coming in. Now if you ask Martin it’s all because of him, yet nobody who worked for him before stayed for a long time. In fact, many who did told me to watch out for him.

For a while I was the first one there and last one to leave plus I worked on the website after work. Now I was doing all this because he said “If you bring in CHP, we will be partners 50/50” Guess you can see by now that was bullshit and that’s alright.

Many of you have seen the many combinations and dyno tests We did at CPR/CHP while I was there and you can see that basically died after I left. The one thing I still hear from customers who track me down is that they act like a bunch of clowns and don’t know very much. In fact, CPR employees told me how a customer “was going to kick Nates ass because he kept lying to him so Nate left for a couple of hours”

So why is the shop around and why do they post expensive parts? Well Martin is one of the biggest distributors of nitrous oxide which he gets from 2 different companies. How do you think he got that machinery? Those Huffstomers and Huffahoes, Huffstomers according to him use the nitrous to get high. The Huffahoes trade nitrous oxide for sex. So how lucrative is it? Well you buy a 64lb bottle for $120 and you sell each pound for about $7 and you make about $328 after bottle cost. Does not seem like much but they could go through 30-50 bottles a weekend! At only 40 bottles that’s $13,000. So you heat it up, run it through two smaller nitrous tanks filled with carbon(to get rid of the sulfur) and you have almost medical grade nitrous. This is not speculation, this is what was at the shop and was moved because of the owner of the property not wanting it there anymore.

So the new guy Nate is PR guy and now He is telling customers he is the new owner??? Lol, Martin must have put him up to that because he thinks all people are stupid, he is that arrogant.

So we have a shop that is a front for a nitrous distribution shop.

We have an owner that on many occasions has come into the shop “chewing marbles” and embarrassed myself and other employees.

We have constant lies from them, as I said people have contacted me and told me some stories but as long as the nitrous is flowing the car guys do not matter.

I have been gone since April and my name as well as Franks who has been gone for over 2 years is still on the website, shows you what kind of shop it really is.

There is a reason so many customers have wanted to kick martins ass, glad I am gone from that ****hole. - engine failure, bearing failure, no customer service, no warranty, never did one thing in 6 months for their failed engine.
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